My Newest IPad Pro Setup; How you can get yours without breaking the BANK.

If you guys have been waiting for the perfect time to purchase the new IPad Pro, now is the time! Currently the 11inch 256GB is on sale for $849 from $949. This machine is a beast! say good bye to your space taking desktop, big screen monitor, and all the messy wires that comes with it. The link is down below.

The new IPad Pro 11inch and 12.9 Inch

The 12.9 inch, WiFi, 256GB is also on sale for $1049.00, that is $99.01 Off.

I recommend buying from amazon if you have the amazon store card. With the card you can get 5% off or 0% interest with a 12 month payment plan. That works out to $70.75 before taxes For the 11 inch and $87.50 for the 12.9 inch before taxes.
I ended up going with the 0% interest free instead of going with the 5% cash back.
If you guys end up buying the new IPad Pro, I hope you will love it as much as I do!

The MUST GET accessories I recommend getting with the new IPad Pro:

1) Moko Smart Folio, currently is on a 20% discount and for the 11inch IPad Pro and support magnetically attach charging the Apple pencil. Price at $15.99!!

2) *Highly Highly recommend* Logitech K380 wireless keyboard, currently is 25% off. Works with Mac, IPad Pro, Iphone, and Apple TV. You can easily switch up to 3 devices. Slim and portable, and very comfortabel to type! Price at $29.99

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