Now You can get Tesla model 3 for $35,000!! Here are some tips you will want to do after getting one.

Now that Elon Musk promises has come to fruition, you can now get the hottest and sexiest car for $35,000! This is HUGE news for people who’s trying to switch from gasoline to Electric cars. Heres is what you will need to do after you ordered your very first Tesla cars, wether is the Model S, X, 3, or Y. Make the switch to EV cars today to better our health, our environment, saves you time, and money.

First thing first: Buy the Tesla Power wall Home charger; You will want it, and you will need it trust me. Second: order the power wall and wait for it to ship to your desire destination. Third: Make an appointment with your local professional electrician out to install the power wall for you when it gets there. The Power wall Charger is crucial because it will saves you roughly 50+% of the charging time comparing to all other home chargers in the market. From our experience, we got the power wall install and ready before we went to pick up the Tesla Model 3. No more going to a gas station EVER AGAIN! You might not know what that feels like yet, BUT when you do you is gonna become second nature to you. Is like getting LASIK surgery and you never need to wear glasses or eye contacts ever again! No more annoying dusts in your eyes or putting your eye contacts in where you need to drop eye solution often to alleviate the uncomfortableness out of your eyes. You can just scratch your eyes normally 🙂

Cons: Make sure you plan ahead if you are planning to take a trip; A spontaneous trip with the Tesla is a terrible idea unless you have a lot of free time to waste. To prevent the problem you can easily charge your Tesla every night, you can set the charging limit and everything through your app. You can check out my Youtube Video where I went on a spontaneous trip to a Supercharging station in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I sure did wasted a lot of time charging the Tesla to where I was comfortable getting to the Supercharger from my house.

You can check out my Youtube Video link down below.

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