Our Apple Family Tree. All About Apple Products.

Our Apple family tree all started when my dad brought home the very first generation of the IPhone in late 2007. Looking back on it the Iphone really stood out from the rest of the pack of black berry, LG phones, and Motorola flip phones. Back when he got it, I was just happy to put 100 music in my Motorola flip phone, to listen to music when I was on the bus to go to school. I was too young to really care about technology, and how advanced the Iphone was. All I knew the price tag on the 1st Iphone was very expensive comparing to Motorola flip phone.

My very first phone was the Motorola flip phone, back in the day that was the hottest phone because you can upload mp3 into the phone instead of carrying disc CD player to listen to music. My next phone was the Blackberry, with the keyboard with little ball scroll. I have to be honest, that was one of my favorites phones even to date. I don’t know if I just want to relive the past or hang on to my childhood memories. Couple years later then come the IPhone 3GS, My very phone Iphone that my parents ever got me.

I do have a YouTube video out about these topic that I’m covering but this blog goes into much more details and my history of upgrading IPhones and why I did it. You can check out the video here. https://youtu.be/DaTEGO8pQa4

The IPhone 3GS, I do not have any real awesome memory of it, maybe life just happens and there was a lot more pressure as you grow up from dealing with how to fit in with the kids at your school to parents fighting at the house and also dealing with my parents divorce. At the age of growing up and learning about the real world, is not always pretty as you thought it was. My parents were just hiding the ugly stuff from the real world to us. As life goes, technology moves much at a fast pace. Next up the IPhone 5.

I was aiming to upgrade to IPhone 6 after when the Iphone newest IPhone 5 came out. This was the time when I was in my Freshmen year of college in 2011-2012. I attended University of Central Arkansas. I went on to my very first spring break trip with my friends to Panama City Beach, FL. The excitement really ended in a regretting trip due to losing my phone the 2nd day of our trip. The feeling of being far away from your parents and not being able to contact was bad enough, but If I got lost from my group of friend at the beach, or at a nightclub it would be really hard for me to call and meet up or get help from any of the friends I was with. Keep in mind guys, there is thousands and thousands of people there during Spring Break. I was trying to catch up with old friends from High School and that was hard due to not having a phone and staying at different hotels. This creates immense of pressure for me and trying the balance to enjoy my time in Panama. I was having a lot of fun but in the back of my mind I was super stressed out. Good news is that nothing bad happen and we drove back home and everything was fine.

Back at home from Spring Break, I did an early upgrade to the IPhone 5, white, clear glass back, and is one of my favorites from the 1st generation IPhone to IPhone 7. I really love the glass back on this IPhone. After the Iphone 5, I upgraded to the Iphone 6, I gave my IPhone 6 to my sister (who loses her IPhone occasionally) and upgraded to the IPhone 7, Jet Black color (I call it the fingerprint phone) and lastly I skipped the Iphone 8/8s/X to lastly upgraded to the stunning IPhone XS, my current IPhone. The videos that you are watching on our youtube channel mainly film using my XS and Kory’s IPhone 7 phone all in 4K mode, but you can clearly see the difference in video quality from XS vs the 7.

If you guys enjoy this blog and enjoy our Youtube, make sure to like and subscribe! if you haven’t had a chance here the link down here as well. Hopefully this brings back a lot of memories for you guys and glimpses of your past as you are reading/watching this. I’ll be continuing to grow my Apple products from here, I can’t wait to share with you guys an update video 5+ years from now. Have a great day!

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