6 Months later, My First Ever Supercharging road trip!

This is my very first time EVER taking the Tesla Model 3 to a Supercharging station! I’ve been charging the car at home with the Tesla power wall for the past 6 months. This is hands down the sexiest car I have ever laid my eyes on in person. I love that it reminds me of the Ironman suit, I do feel like Tony Stark inside the car because is so advanced in technology. Inside and outside is very elegant. Sitting inside the car you can just lean back to stare up in the clear glass roof view of the sky. Wether is sun rise, sun set, or night sky, you are going to enjoy yourself inside the model 3.

Autopilot is your best friend on these long and short trips. I can’t wait until the car can read stoplights, stop signs, and getting off the highway. You know the saying, time is the most precious and valuable thing that money can’t buy. If you have kids in your car or dogs, or cats, you have that valuable free time to really just hang out with them more. When I went on my trip to Tulsa, I really enjoyed having that freedom to holds hands with my girlfriend and just really hang out and enjoy our car ride together with out being overly concerned about putting my hands on the wheels to stop the car of drifting out of the lane.

What I love, is the QUICK acceleration, the quiteness when you put the pedal to the metal. I loved having the front trunk plus the regular trunk, perfect for taking trips. I was really really impressed how fast the supercharger charges my car, and most of the supercharging station has stuff for you do while you are charging your car (brilliant execution from Day 1) Now that all the superchargers will be upgrading to V3; It’s only gonna make across country trips that much more enjoyable! So I’m really excited for the day that I will taking the Model 3 East coast, West coast, and back! I will be sure to Vlog and Blog for you guys. Tesla roadster supposedly to have 620 Mile RANGE! If Mr. Elon Musk can put that 620 in the Model X,S,3, or Y, I would NOT hesitate to buy “not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7” -LeBron James. 🙂

After leaving my car to charge we head inside the casino to do a little of gambling on the slot machines, sadly we were alerted a little bit after that we were gonna be charge for idle times if we don’t go move the car. If you guys are hesitant on buying these Tesla cars due to waiting for period of time to charge vs gas station and filling up your tank; Please don’t be afraid. Waiting for the car to charge up was not a problem for us at all, in fact we wanted it to charge a little slower so we that can enjoy more time playing the slot machines (haha don’t judge) The charging was SUPER fast. I’ve drove to Tulsa hundreds of time but this time we REALLY enjoyed our date trip and we have no one to thank other than Elon Musk and the Tesla’s team.

You can check out our full video on the youtube link down below. If you enjoy reading my blog and watching my Youtube videos, don’t forget to like and subscribe. Have a great day!


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