The New AirPods 2; Are You Still On The Fence Of Buying One? Maybe I Can Help. Currently $20 OFF

Hot Deal: $20 off on the new AirPods 2 (not wireless charging)

The metaphor I use going from regular headphones (come with the IPhone) to buying the new AirPods is like wearing glasses or eye contacts to getting LASIK surgery but for your ears. If you do not know what LASIK surgery is, it is a surgery for your eyes so that you can see 20/20 vision with out having to ever wear contacts or glasses again. No more dealing with dust getting in your contact/eyes, and you can’t scratch your eyes because the contact will move out of its place in your eyeballs. No more dealing with putting in the eye drops. No more dealing with the struggle of having to put contacts in the morning when your eyes don’t want to be open. For me the AirPod took away all the wire mess and you can finally be free of carrying your phones and be free of taking the phone in and out of your pockets. Wether is in your house, library, supermarket, or public places in order to listen to music or podcasts with no interruptions.

The day I bought my first ever AirPods.. I call it the white magical box. It was just magical experience opening it in person and seeing the beautiful craftsmanship Apple puts in to this product! It literally changed my life. The fact that you are no longer plugged in to the IPhone, you are able to move anywhere in the room and still listens to music… It blew my mind. When I was sitting down and had to get up to go use the bathroom. I got up and the (Pre AirPods me) freaked out because I thought I was gonna drop my phone, I have dropped my phone off a table more time than I can remember. Once you open the AirPods of out of its box, your phone will be able to detect it right away without you going to Setting > Bluetooth and to try to find it and pair it. The most seamless connection I have ever witnessed with technology.

April 29th 2019 was the day I decided that I need to get my hands on the AirPods. I went on a Lake trail to get a little workout in, I ended up wasting 5-7 mins just trying to untangle the headphone jack that came with the Iphone. Running while having the headphones in, it keeps pulling the cords and bother the crap out of my ears, the whole work out experience was just not great. Is a lot of the smalls things but it adds up.

I was on the fence about buying the AirPods 1st generation when it first came out back in 2016. I waited until 2019 and the 2nd generation was released several weeks before April 29th when I decided I needed wireless headphones in my life. Back in the day I wasn’t sure if the AirPods would fit my lifestyle, and I wasn’t willing to pay the hefty price to find out. I did not wear headphones a lot, mainly just when I go to the gym. Once a year I would travel out of town so I thought I could manage with out needing one. Now that I have the AirPods,

AirPods 2 Unboxing And First Impressions. First Time AirPods Buyer! Raw Impression

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