Credit Cards for Beginners; Sharing my Wisdoms and Passing Down my Mistakes.

Starter Cards To Build Your Credit Score: Tier 1 Cards. (Just Need 1)

1.Bank Of America: $200 bonus offer 3%, 2%, 1% Cash back cards

2.Citi double cash back: 2%

*3.Chase Freedom: $150 credit after spending $500 in 3 months 5% cash back rotating category

*4.Disocover IT: $50 sign up 5% cash back category + cash match after your first year. Basically 10% cash back your first year

If you would like to support our channel, and have not sign up for Discover IT card, here is my referral link; You will get $50 sign up bonus

Discover IT:

These are the cards I recommend if your credit score are not great, you need to start building your credit score now! It can take up to 6 months to 1 year depends on your situation. In order to get the higher end Credit Cards that comes with big sign up bonuses you need to have excellent credit.

Here are some rules for you to keep in mind, and the most important rules of all is Chase 5/24 rule. What that mean is that if you apply for any credit cards from any banks in 24 months, after your 5th card you won’t be able to apple for a lot of valuable cards from Chase Bank. *DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH on this very important rule*

Another Important rule to know about is Chase Sapphire one card rule. You have to decide if the Chase Sapphire Reserve or Chase Sapphire Preferred is more suitable for your lifestyle. They both are great higher tier cards and one of the most flexible cards because you can transfer them out to different airline partners and hotels. In other words you, The Reserve and Preferred are not capped compare to airlines and hotels do branded credit cards.

Check out my Youtube Video for more info.

Intro to Credit Cards Part 1:

Intro to Credit Cards Part 2:

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